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Hello, I use rental hive and I want to synchronize the calendars with airbnb, maybe with ical- I read on a forum that you have to go to HIVEPRESS/parameter/reservation and there will be export/import but I don’t don’t have this calendar option???
my mail is : contact@muslimbnb.fr thanks

Please navigate to HivePress/Settings/Bookings section and enabled the “Allow syncing booking…” option. Then each listing will have its own Booking Import and Booking Export fields, the first one accepts an external iCal URL, while the second one contains a read-only iCal URL for a listing that you can copy and use in external services.

yes that’s what you had already explained, but I don’t have the “authorize synchronization” section thank you in advance

Please make sure that you have the latest Bookings version. If you set the license key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/HivePress Store, then the latest updates will always be delivered to the Dashboard/Updates section of WordPress. Recent versions have the syncing option Screenshot by Lightshot

thank you, I think I have the latest booking version because I bought the rentalhive theme and the plugins that go with it, only two weeks ago. In fact I managed to get the “sync” box by downloading ICS, is it valid?

If the Manage availability per vendor setting in HivePress/Settings/Bookings is enabled then please check the export iCal URL in the vendor account settings.

If Manage availability per vendor setting in HivePress/Settings/Bookings is disabled then please check export iCal URL in a listing settings

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