Ical url links disappeared

After checking the Manage availability per vendor box and then unchecking it, the import/export url links no longer appear in the listings…
the syncing box is activated…

If the Manage availability per vendor setting is enabled then booking settings will be available in vendor account settings as these settings will be common for all vendor listings. Please check the import/export URL here. By default, it is by URL your-website/account/settings/

claro, pero luego de deschequear Manage availability per vendor, siguen sin aparecer las url para sincronizar los calendarios…
tienes idea que puede estar pasando?

Please make sure that you’re checking a listing assigned to the “Todos los anuncios” category, because based on the screenshot bookings are enabled in this category only.

thank you very much ihor, that was it, now the urls appear !!!

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