Icon and images not displayed properly

I am kind of annoyed by this since it is going on for so long. I and my clients are uploading images in wordpress/ listinghive. They are uploaded properly and shows in the page. But typically after few days/ weeks, few of the images/ icons just vanishes from the page, see the attachments to understand what I mean.


It becomes really difficult to recover those images since they were uploaded by clients and if I go and ask them to re-upload that is going to cost me and my business a lot. I am really not understanding why they go missing after few days/ weeks without any apparent changes or reason.

Please help urgently!


The following reasons could be taken into consideration if the images have disappeared from the website:

  1. Outdated elements

  2. Plugin conflict

  3. Server-related issues

  4. Deleted images

​I hope this is helpful to you.

How to identify outdated elements and plug-in conflict?


Please check this tutorial Images Have Disappeared | Elegant Themes Help Center

This helped, JetPack plugin was incompatible and was the root cause for this problem.

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