ID upload feature for Host Registration


Hi I might be missing something here re Rental Hive but I was wondering whether there is an easy implementation onboard that enables/requires a new host who is registering as a host to upload identification to prove they actually say they are? Or do we need to custom code this feature in? I’m setting up a villa and hotel room rental site with consumer protection at the forefront so I absolutely need this feature - this too and that where I am based it is a legal requirement that hosts have a) if they are foreign, the correct visa b) if they are locals a tax number which is attached to local IDs.

Could you please advise of what is onboard to enable this feature? Or do I have to custom code it into the theme?



Unfortunately, this feature is not available yet. However, we are planning to add something like KYC verification in the future.

Good idea and an absolute must on a booking platform. Just going through it all now but have enabled ID submission on the login/signup page. Truth be told though (albeit still going over everything and hitting a few probs along the way) I think there is so much that is needed we will use GDC on the backend.

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