If no booking days are set in the back end, all the days are shown anyway on the front end


I have the bookings set up for time slots instead of days. However i unchecked all the days (to prevent users booking but keeping the listing visible). However even if i uncheck all the days, the front end still allows the user to book any of the days.

Is this a bug? How can i still show the listing, but prevent the user booking anything?



This is expected behavior; if you talk about days of the week and none are selected, it means “no restrictions.” Currently, there’s no specific option to disable booking while keeping the listing visible. There may be a few workarounds:

  1. Set booking window and/or offset to 1; this should prevent booking.
  2. Select dates in the calendar and block them manually.
  3. Enable Booking Requests; even if there’s a booking, decline it.
  4. Click the Hide option in the Edit tab, but this actually hides the listing.

I hope this helps.

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