Illogical mail received when order status is processing

Currently, when an order is placed, the seller receives a mail about that sale. For example, if a customer buys something by bank transfer, and then I manually modify the order status as processing, the seller receives a mail.

But, if I use a third party plugin, like Stripe or PayPal, when the customer pays the order, the order status is automatically set as processing and the seller receives a mail, but the content of this mail is completelly illogical, as it has in the body, for example, all the HTML content of the home page!

I have tried deactivating other plugins, but it doesn’t seem to be a plugin compatibility issue.

How could I do the default mail to be sent when a payment is made by a third party plugin?

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There are two possible issues:

  1. Third-party plugins and customizations. Please try to disable them.

  2. You have overwritten the emails in HivePress > Emails.

It can also be emails from WooCommerce. Please send us the exact email title you receive if the two options described above won’t work.

The title or the subject of the mails is “Order received”.

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