I'm not getting Message Received email

My website doesn’t send “Message Received” emails. Other emails I get, but when I send message via website, recipient doesn’t get Email notification. I also tried create email action with Email customization.

Please make sure that outgoing emails are set up How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center These notifications are not sent probably because they contain spam-like keywords like “you got a new message…”, so without SMTP or linking with some trusted email service these will not be delivered. Also, please make sure that this email is not overridden with empty content in HivePress/Emails.

I installed smtp plugin. My server use Elastic Email smtp. But nothing changed. I created Hivepress > Email for Messgae Received. Other emails received but Messgae Received email doesn’t.

Also please tell me, how can I add custom Hivepress > Email Event ? Can you send me development guide ?

If you use YaySMTP please check its email log, if the message email is logged there then it’s sent by HivePress, and this issue is related to deliverability (either SMTP plugin settings or the email service you’re using, or the recipient email service with specific spam filtering rules).

Please check the docs here Emails - Developer Docs You can also simply send a custom email on some existing HivePress action hook using this function wp_mail() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources

Sorry, it was my mistake, some of my codes doesn’t let send the mail. I resolved that.
But please help me, how can I add new Event in Hivepress>Emails, and use if for my custom message ?. I couldn’t find on Developer Docs.

You can simply create a new email (like in the Creating Emails section), if you set a label for it in the init method, it’ll appear in the Events list. If you don’t need the email customization UI in the dashboard, you can also send an email using wp_mail function, for example by hooking a custom callback to any of the available HivePress actions (e.g. hivepress/v1/models/listing/update_status).

Hope this helps.

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