Image or Icon for Listing Attribute

Notice an option to create image or icon for an image to be used for Category. Can the same be done for a hp-listing__attribute? I’ve tried to pull from the database and set it up but not getting what I’m lookin for. Thanks, great plugin btw

The attribute display format accepts HTML so it’s possible to include the img tag there, or if you select an icon for it, you can include the icon this way: %icon%.

I was able to figure out that part, but its if I have more than one attribute and for each to have its own icon.

If you mean adding a unique icon to each of the attribute options (e.g. if this attribute has the Select type) currently there’s no such feature, but it’s on the roadmap. In the current version it’s possible to add a unique icon per attribute, e.g. for displaying it before the attribute label.

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