Image size media settings don't work for images uploaded by vendors

Hello guys,

I have applied the following media settings:

For some reason, these settings don’t work. After applying these settings, all newly downloaded images uploaded by vendors don’t change their size.

Images downloaded by vendors keep their original size, which is, in my case, more significant than 6000-9000px per side, while my image size media settings are set for a maximum of 2400px per side. While I haven’t found a solution, I need to change the size of each vendor image in the media library.

How can this issue be fixed and the image size media settings made work?


Please provide more details regarding this issue (e.g., your actions step by step with screenshots, etc.). This will help us to reproduce and resolve the issue faster.

Here is step-by-step what happen when vendors are downloading high resolution listing images:

0. It is the WordPress media settings:

1. It is the vendors high resolution images on the computer:

2. The vendor downloads them and submits a listing. And here is what happens after approving the submission:

a) The listings search page (cropping doesn’t work):

b) The page of the listing (cropping doesn’t work too):

The images size stay the same size (does not decrease). When the vendor open the listing image gallery the opened images has the same high resolution us they had on the computer.

As a result, it is a big problem because vendors have already started sending their projects, and each displays differently and has a very bad downloading speed because of the size. So, I should fix all image sizes manually.

Additional information
I have noticed that the images with lower resolution work correctly. They are displaying correctly and change their size according the media settings:

1. Here are lower-resolution images size on the computer:

2. And here are correctly changed image sizes for the listing after downloading:


Most likely, this is an issue on the part of the hosting provider. Please check your WordPress site health, and if everything is okay, I recommend contacting your hosting provider to find out if all the libraries for PHP images are available.

Here are my available PHP libraries. It seems that all of the ones that are needed are there. Must be there any other one?


Please check for recommended libraries in WP Dashboard > Settings > Site Health. Also, since we can’t reproduce this issue locally, please try to test it using the Local app. You can check this document: Quick Start - HivePress Help Center. Alternatively, you can try testing a different hosting provider. If the recommendations did not help, please send us these images so that we can test it in detail.