Images for listing not appearing/max number of images

The images all of a sudden disappeared from my website, here is a sample page:


How can u not allow links? seriously any inquiry would have a link and its not spam!

I don’t know of anything I did that would cause this issue - is there an obvious plugin that causes issues? Same issue on mobile. Images are most definitely there on the back end. I can give temp access if possible.

Also why is the limit on images to upload per property 10 and where/how can I change that?


Because of your very weird “spam” filter I had to divide up the address

About images, we have resolved this problem; you can update the theme.

To change the maximum number of images per listing, try this PHP snippet:

	function( $model ) {
		$model['fields']['images']['max_files'] = 123;

		return $model;

Sorry for the inconvenience; our forum restricts posting multiple links to the same domain for new users to prevent spam registrations.

Is the 123 here the max number of image uploads per property (that I could set to whatever)?

how do I update theme?

Yes, 123 is the max number of image uploads.

If you added a License Key in Hivepress > Settings > integrations > HivePress store, the update must be available in Dashboards > Updates.

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