Images of one particular category are displaying differently

The images linked to one particular category are all appearing full-sized (as opposed to fitting in a container like all the other listing category posts).

This is how they are supposed to appear, and this is how they appear instead:

The different image sizes also appear on the listings search page where the listings in this particular category are showing up as different sizes cards instead of a standard-sized like all the rest.

Not sure why it only seems to be impacting this one category though…

If it’s the single listing page please check the Landscape (Large) image size in Settings/Media. You can adjust the size there, and any newly uploaded images will be cropped to the same size if they are larger than the defined size. The default size is 800x600, so any larger images are cropped to 4x3 aspect ratio.

Ok! Yes, the settings were all correct. It looks like if I edit the listings, delete the images and reupload them they are re-uploaded in the correct format. Not sure what caused them all to ignore the cropped sizing in the first place, but for now it looks like I can work around it!

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