Images taking a long time to load

The images on my site are taking a very long time to load on several listings search pages. This issue seems to mainly be with Chrome and Mozilla; Safari seems to work correctly.

I have a quick video showing the slowness if you can provide an email address to send the video to.

You can also go to this page as an example and see if it happens on your end as well: You searched for | Page 490 of 1459 | Retirement Being

As a side note, the site scores well on PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix.

Moreover, I’ve spoken with my host about this issue and they don’t see anything that could be causing it on their end. I’ve had this site hosted with two hosts and the same issue occurred with each.


We use this core WordPress function for uploading files media_handle_upload() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources It’s speed depends on third-party plugins, customizations, server limitations, existing content, etc. You can check the full source code here hivepress/class-attachment.php at master · hivepress/hivepress · GitHub Checking why it’s slowed down is possible, but requires some research (e.g. logging all the functions that run during the request and which one takes too long).

P.S. If I haven’t asked already, please let me know if we can add your website to the Showcase Showcase | HivePress

Thanks, Ihor.

You can add my site to the HivePress showcase. I appreciate it.

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