Import 1.1.0

  • Added option to import listings for other users
    Admins can now select a column with usernames or emails to assign the imported listings to other users.
  • Added import modes for updating listings by ID
    Users can select a column with listing IDs to update only or update and create listings.
  • Added descriptions to the mapped fields
    The main field types now have descriptions of the accepted values and formats.
  • Added an email notification on successful import
    The site admin gets an email if at least 1 listing was successfully imported.
  • Fixed importing category-specific attributes
    It’s possible to select a category before mapping columns to map category-specific attributes.
  • Fixed mapping of fields and columns
    Now columns are mapped to fields (not vice versa), which makes matching and validation easier.
  • Fixed deleting unused import files
    The imported yet abandoned CSV files are deleted once a day.
  • Fixed the import link without listings
    Now if there are no listings yet, the link is added to the account menu.

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