Import demo data

The request for demo data import file is no longer available on top. Why has this not been updated ? The you tube is 2 years old and wrong.
So if we use the “create demo content” at the bottom. Nothing changes in the appearance and nothing else changes except some new pages. So obviously this is incorrect. Where do we get the demo data now ?

Hi, the instructions are on their website Here it is: How to import ListingHive demo content - HivePress Help Center

Basically download the zip file first to your desktop by clicking the link on the page above. Then download the One Click Demo Import plugin and activate it. Then like in the video go to appearance>import demo data. Then content file to content import, widget file to widget import, and customizer file to customizer import. Then press the import demo data button and you are good to go.

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Couldnt find it So thank you

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