Import multiple categories

I have a csv which have a column containing multiple categories and sub-categories separated by a character (could be comma, semi-column, etc).
The import doesn’t work and no listing is created.
How can I import it?

Please note that listings can only have 1 category, if there’s a category hierarchy setting a subcategory is enough - the listing will be found within any of the parent categories anyway. If categories are not mapped during the import please make sure that their labels match the existing categories in Listings/Categories section.

Hi ihor,
my listing have multiple sub-categories. For example, a bitcoin wallet could we both desktop wallet and mobile wallet. I can map it manually, but this feature is not working during the import.
How can I solve it?

Categories are like distinct listing types so multiple selection is not supported yet, please consider keeping a string hierarchy while using custom attributes for multiple criteria. For example, you can add a Wallet attribute of Select type with “Mobile” and “Desktop” options to select, if other categories also have these options you would not have to duplicate subcategories this way, e.g. someone can select Bitcoin category + select Mobile or Desktop in the Wallet Type attribute. Even if this selection is specific to Bitcoin category you can make a custom attribute specific to categories. Also, users would be able to search listings by category and this custom attribute at the same time.

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