Importing Data

Hi, I’m using the plugin to develop an RV classified site with paid listings. I have an attribute called, “make” and parented to each “make” will be options called “models”. I have csv files for all makes and models (which exist on another version of the site). Is there any way on the Admin side to somehow bring this data in? Or does all of this have to be done on server side? Thanks for any advice.

If you have the HivePress Import extension unfortunately it doesn’t support importing categories at the moment (it can be used to import listings). If you already added the Make/Model attribute, there are 2 ways to import its options:

  • If you have basic coding skills, it may be possible with a simple script to iterate over the CSV rows and insert the hp_listing_make taxonomy terms.
  • You can use some third-party import plugin like WP All Import or any of its alternatives that support importing custom taxonomy terms.

Please note that the hp_listing_make taxonomy may differ depending on the attribute name you added, replace “make” with the attribute name.

Hope this helps.

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