Importing Options for Attributes using plugins

Hi, I was trying to figure out how to import excel/csv files to WP and came across this discussion on Hivepress suport : How to import attribute select field content | HivePress Support

I am trying to use WP Import/Export Lite version to import Options for one of my user selectable Attributes. Here are a couple of screenshots, I cannot seem to find “hp_listing_attributenamehere” anywhere. Please advice what can be done or if there is any other alternative possible.

Also, is there a particular format that the excel file needs to be in order to upload the data successfully?

I guess this plugin supports “public” taxonomies only, please ask their support if it’s possible to import terms for taxonomies that are not marked as public. You can also try to enable front-end pages for this selectable attribute to check if it appears in the list.

I am not sure what you mean by trying to enable front-end pages for the attribute? Do you mean enable “Create a page for each attribute option” in display options for the attribute? What does enabling that option really do?

EDIT: When I do that, I do see Hp Listing Make (thats the attribute I want to import options for):

But I am not sure how to format the excel file to upload the options correctly. The options for this Attribute is a list of names of Car Manufacturers. Do you know how I can format the excel to allow me to import this successfully? Does the file have to be a .csv?

Yes, checking the “Create pages…” option marks the taxonomy as public so it may appear in the list. If it appears please check the WP Imp Exp docs or try contacting their support, they probably require just the term labels for importing (so a single column of labels may be ok), but if you want to import a hierarchical list of car makes/models (e.g. parent term Toyota and child term Corolla) this may require some specific mapping in the CSV or XML file you’re importing.

For other wondering how to use the WP Plugin check the video on this page: WP Import Export Lite - WordPress Plugin | 2022

I personally made a list of all options for my selectable Attribute in one column in Excel, followed the WP import export interface and then used the technique in the video to drag drop the title of my import column in excel to the Field Mapping > Name* box and it worked for me.

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Is it possible to include a search filter function for the Selectable Attribute (car manufacturer in my case) in the create listing form?

What I mean is, since there are so many names of manufactures to choose from, it would be nice to allow the user to search/type the manufacture name when selecting the Attribute value in the add listing form. The input from the user can then act as a filter to only display the relevant options for the user to select from. Possible?

Yes, the embedded search field should appear starting from 20+ results in the drop-down list. Also, make sure that you updated HivePress because there was a recent bug related to this.

Thanks, it works well. Just wanted to know, does enabling the “create pages for each attribute option” have any drawbacks? I honestly still don’t understand what that option does. Can you please explain or pint to something I can read?

If Create a page for each attribute option in the attribute Display section is activated then each attribute option will have its own page like listing categories do

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