Improve the reviews display


I’ve seen some discussion around improving the review display in the listings page but not sure if/when they are implemented. (I am testing TaskHive & HivePress with Marketplace extension)

For listings that, say, for example, have 1000 reviews, the website currently just lists them one after another below the listing description. This is not ideal because:

(1) It does not look good.
(2) Make the page much slower due to loading of all those reviews.

Ideally there should be options like:

  • Show 10 last reviews with pagination to show the next 10.
  • Lazy load of reviews one by one (or then by then) in a slider form.
  • Send a request to the server only when a pagination is clicked or lazy load is activated to reduce page bloat.

Can you guys please give an update on the specifics on what improvements you are working on regarding the reviews display and an expected timeline for this? (please be more specific than "we “we plan to release these soon” or “we will add some functionality in the next update”)


Can someone from the dev team reply to this please with some info?


@andrii , @ihor can you guys please look at this?


Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we plan to improve the reviews UX this way, at least by adding pagination or another option to display all reviews (e.g. a separate tab on the listing page instead of a section).

There’s no exact timeframe yet but we update all the extensions one by one as soon as it’s possible.

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