Improvements for location search and spam protection

I worked with this script for two years on 8 domains but sadly did not found these features which make it business beneficial as lack of below features.

word filter as people only share links n links . Spammers only
listings according to location of user
Mobile number protection as only for logged user etc
No proper locations for google ads i.e. low CTR
No free geolocation API i.e. as you get more spam you have to pay more

i.e buy traffic for making more spam on site as lack of spam control. no ad locations no engagement as listings are random . mobile number is open to all lack of privacy
Many times wrote developer but no response.

Thanks for your suggestions. The location-based search and location-specific SEO is already possible (with regions), and we’ll consider adding automatic word filter with SMS confirmations for user accounts.

I mailed around two years ago sir .No response
This much spam in just few hours & all this is just the gateway links to their websites . What’s benefit in running these classifieds or listings ?

How to filter listings with urls ? i.e. https, http www search keywords but it filters all content & even some listings are without www or http or https ?
Sites turning to spammer zone nothing else. Word filter that prevents some words like http https www porn sex etc is must n must necessary. i.e . before posting such ads contributor needed to warn n restricted from such postings . 98 % spam on site & have no control… helpless

Please consider using reCaptcha & moderation for now, there are no other spam protection features at the moment. By adding reCaptcha to the listing submission form you can prevent bots from adding listings automatically, and if spam listings are added manually you can moderate them.

There is no automatic listing using bots but paid people to post or spam . It’s already over two years & nothing point remained in this script. Wasted over 1000+ USD on google ads to get traffic i.e. spam on the sites. Total eight domains I worked along with to get genuine traffic but only spammers I got & helpless due to limitations over this script. Word filter is very very basic requirement of any such kind of script.
Money I wasted over this script & forget about domain costs I paid. Only adding new css is not necessary in every update but feature is the king to make it business beneficial point of view. As much money I waste on ads more spam I get nothing is in my hand with this script.
I have to pay for domain cost , traffic cost , API cost & in return getting the spam only n developer says don’t have time for development as per your needs & told that you are using it for free . I will to pay but you people don’t want to work as per client needs but just releasing useless things.

Handling such kind of spam since last two years waiting that one some day you will have some better spam filter. But now good bye to this decorative useless script

What about option to manual approve new listings?

Daily 200+ listings to view manually & then approve is easy or apply word filter before posting the spam is more easy ? . Hiring team for such work + pay for API + pay for wpsmtp + pay for ads + pay for server cost + pay for domain to get spam only day by day & revenue model have many limitations.

If spam is allowed then more spammers come to post but if restrictions before posting then chances are rare to get such ads of viagra, callgirls, sex stamina increase ads . In some countries bann on these products too. How to manage ?

How to grow hairs
How to clean your house
Easy tricks to make money
Business model in city ’ A’
Business model in city 'B"
Business model in city ’ c "

Are these business listings or classifieds ?. All such ads are with hyperlinks which only drives traffic from my sites but what I get in return that’s zero. Just new ad location & paste same n same content many times . Almost zero filters i.e. script will no longer reach people due to headache for site owner. Adding it as classified or directory is just headache because it’s ideal from spammer point of view but not from business point of view. Might you guys are good at programming but business model view script does not meet requirements.

Thanks for your feedback. Please remember that you’re using open-source software, HivePress core and essential extensions are free to use and we try our best to maintain and develop them. If you find another directory solution with the same set of features but also with extra spam protection features, you can use it instead of HivePress - competition always benefits consumers.

If you want to help, you can suggest features (or vote for existing ones), report bugs, or even sponsor a feature by ordering it as a custom work and agree to share it with the community (via the official HivePress update).

I fully understand its free platform so waited for two years . I wish to pay for features & wrote about it two years back but no response saying workload for now so did wait for two years . ’ Features not at priority’ reason is most common reason . Users are not here just to report bugs but they have their requirements too which you always avoid. Growing this script is just headache for site owner.
Feel sad that I wasted my eight domain cost & two years hosting cost + 1000 of hours on such project whose developer can’t provide some simple solns to his customers even if paying money . Despite of this kind of behavior & never showcased my site .

Yes, unfortunately using open-source software doesn’t guarantee that features required specifically for your site will be implemented (only your hired developers can guarantee this), we have a long queue of features on the roadmap but we’ll try our best to implement them as soon as possible. We don’t oblige anyone to spend money (that’s why we provide core features for free) or use our software at all (you can check other solutions like Directorist or Geodirectory), we’re just trying to provide honest & quality software. We’ll also try to speed up the development, there were organizational issues lately but everything is resolved now.

No issues. I don’t have any hope from you.

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