In making a Listing Custom Template, Attributes (secondary) modify display options

I have successfully created a custom template for Listing.

And I have added the blocks.

However, in the original template I see that the block attributes display itself in two columns, and in my custom template I see that it displays in only one column

This will make my page significantly longer.

I need to make it two or even three columns, how can I do this?


Please choose a “Columns” block and select the needed amount and type of columns:

After this, you’ll be able to add blocks to each column:

Hope it helps.

Hi I appreciate your assistance in something that looks out of hivepress scope.

After creating several columns and applying the attributes secondary in different columns I get a duplicate of the same information in the different columns.

I would like that the attributes secondary displays itself in two columns, and I think the main template is set like this. Is this achievable in child template? I still can’t figure it out.

Please try clicking on this Attributes block and check settings on the right, there should be a field for setting the number of columns in the Block Settings section.

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