In Mobile display, Only 1 listing is shown which makes scrolling like Instagram

Hi, In mobile display , Only 1 listing is shown in 1 column which makes finding listings time consuming as well as difficult,

Instead , Need to have 2 columns in mobile view so that 2 listings are shown side by side which looks good as well as sorted for listings display.

Please guide me on this how make it possible

Thanks for your feedback, we plan to improve the mobile layout and possibly set 2 columns, but this would require making all the elements smaller and other adjustments. I can provide a CSS snippet to set 2 columns but it’ll require further CSS customizations, the layout would look like this Screenshot by Lightshot

I am glad to get the css snippet. Please share the CSS snippet and share details of further CSS customization required .

As you shared the layout look in the screenshot, It would be more helpful, Very few details are displayed rather than entire information about the listing.

And also , Please help me to reduce the font size of listings, so that it looks clean and crisp

Please refer to screenshot attached.

Sorry, there’s no simple CSS snippet for this, this requires further customizations. If you’re familiar with CSS basics please try adjusting this further, if you come up with some code that sets this layout at least for LisitngHive, please consider sharing it with the community. We’ll also try to optimize the mobile layout in the upcoming updates.

Please share snippet to set 2 columns

You can try this CSS snippet to set 2 columns on all the listing search and category pages:

.hp-template--listings-view-page .hp-listings .hp-grid__item {flex-basis:50%; max-width:50%}

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Above suggested snippet to set 2 columns working good. But need to reduce the font size and size of elements display in listing.

Please share snippet to reduce the font size of listings display.

Sorry, as noted this requires further CSS customizations. We’ll try to improve the mobile layout in the upcoming updates, but customizations are beyond our support scope - please try customizing this if you’re familiar with CSS or you can consider hiring a developer via Fiverr (there’s a category for the WordPress theme customizations)

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