Incorrect display of the vendor page title in Tab heading

I have noticed that when I open a vendor’s page the title on the tab is %vendor% rather than the actual title of the vendor. This does not seem to be a problem for listings.
Please advise.


​Please send more details about the issue, and we will do our best to help you (e.g. link to your site, screenshot, etc.).

This is the mobile display of it on a vendors page vs a listing page where it shows correctly. The tab has an incorrect title. In a desktop view it also has it incorrect on the Tab.


Please provide more details on how you added this token (perhaps you added this information to the meta title through an SEO plugin).

I disabled my YOAST plugin for SEO. It was interfering and once it was deactivated it solved the problem. Not sure how to allow Yoast to help SEO and not interfere with other functions of Hivepress.
Thanks for your help.

Of note, when you add the token %listing% to the SEO section of hivepress it does not display the variable and does a similar display of “%listing%” not the actual listing name. Not sure if others have had that issue when customizing SEO stuff. Noticed this when I had taken off Yoast and was experimenting. If I leave the areas blank in the SEO section it defaults to a useable title.


Please check this topic regarding %listing% token How to use the %listing% token

It may be helpful to update the extra info on the SEO fields as they say %listing% is a token to be used.

Yes, sorry for the confusion, %listing% is a token but it’s an object that requires a field name (unlike other plain value tokens), we’ll update the docs.

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