Incorrect User registration

Good day

I’ve found that the system sometimes registers the service provider (host) as a customer (user)

  1. Is there a short link to share with new services providers to create an account. I used /account/login

  2. What is there an easier way to change hosts who have register as customers over to service provider (host user). Do they need to create a new account or can admin manually create them as service providers (hosts)

I see both user types are created as subscribers. Difficult to tell which is a service provider (host) or customer (user)


Please note that a host profile is a profile that has already been created but which is displayed in WP Dashboard > Hosts. You cannot create a host without creating a user profile. We recommend registering as a host in two ways:

  1. Through the Add Listing form - as soon as the user has at least one published listing, he automatically becomes a host.

  2. Through direct registration, you can check this doc: How to add a vendor registration form - HivePress Help Center

You can also register manually through the website backend, but we still recommend the previous two options.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hello Andrii. Please could you read my message again.

I’m understand how to create the different users as I tested the site before going live.

Now that my site is live. I scared of effecting the registered users.

My message above is related to users registering via a short link I shared.

And a few other questions.

Thank you


As I wrote above, there are no other options for registering as a host. If a user signs up through this link and gets a host role, then they have 100% published the listing.

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