Instagram and YouTube Login with automatic followers and profile information

Can you add social login using Instagram and automatically fetch followers and profiles to show ?

Likewise for YouTube

Merely having a social plugin is of no use as I can paste anyone’s Insta or Youtube URL
how would anyone know I own the account of Insta and YouTube ?

Thanks for your suggestion, there’s no such feature yet but we’ll check if it’s possible to integrate this. This seems to be specific to influencer service marketplaces because other websites don’t need to store and display the number of followers.

Hi Ihor this is also important from the perspective of fraud

A fake vendor can use Instagram link of an authentic person. Nothing stops him from doing that. So not only it is about fetching information but also to ensure the vendor is using his own acount

Yes, but the use case seems to be specific to the influencer services marketplace - if I understand correctly you want to verify if the linked social account actually belongs to the user and automatically fetch the number of followers, subscribers, etc. but 99% of website owners use Social Login just to simplify the login/registration process and fetch a verified email to create an account on the site. In any case, we’ll check if there’s a way to add this integration.

Am willing to pay if you provide social attributes which need to be authenticated and then it pulls followers information that can be used by advertisers in filter to find influencers in their required range

I’d be glad to help, but currently our team doesn’t offer customization services. If you find a developer (familiar with WordPress) via Fiverr or Upwork they can use this forum to get guidance on the implementation. An automatic verification of social media profiles or channels is possible, but requires advanced customizations.

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