Integrate a Front-End Containing Lists of Text Link Categories?

Hi - I’m a fairly new WP user and learning as I go. I’m building a local business directory.

I need to provide a simple, at-a-glance type category list for my WP site’s front end so that my users (tourists) can quickly zero in on what they want to do or what they need to obtain during their short stay in town.

I’m a newbie, so this may seem like a silly question, but I can’t see how this will look in my mind before I begin. Can I integrate my front-end pages containing text links like this example: to the pages generated by ListingHive that contain the output for the different categories such as restaurants, attractions, taverns, gift shops, etc. I believe that this can be accomplished by building out a good linking scheme.

Example: A user visits a page containing a category list for a given town that looks like this: and clicks on Restaurants, and then clicks on BBQ restaurants in the next page containing the restaurant sub-categories and they are next taken to a ListingHive page containing a list of all BBQ restaurants in that town, and then the user can click through any listings from that output to view the full profile for any individual restaurant.

Being that the user/tourist might have no idea what businesses are contained in a given town, it is important that I supply an at-a-glance-type list of types of businesses for any given town to make the task convenient for them. I will also include the search form on each page to provide another method of searching the site.


I would recommend make your home page with a search bar on top, split with keywords, location, and categories drop down.

Below that put all your categories with icons or pics. When the user clicks on the category it takes them to that category like restaurants. When they click on that it takes them to the subcategories like BBQ Restaurants (check the display as subcategories instead of listings) or other subcategories within the broader restaurant categories. And once they click on that subcategory it will display all the listings within it. Also, you can use have them filter their search by putting attributes that can be filtered.

Also, if you want I can also provide a code snippet, where it will make the add listing button go to add categories/sub categories by clicking on the category/pic first when adding a listing, instead of the regular category drop down in the front end add listings section.

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Hi - thanks for your input. I appreciate it.

There are 3 possible solutions:

  • Using the Listing Categories block (for example, you can edit the Home page and insert it). It’s not minimalist and shows images and only a single level of categories at a time.

  • Using a third-party WordPress plugin or widget that lists custom taxonomy terms as links (listing category has a “hp_listing_category” taxonomy).

  • Customizing the listing categories block and redesigning it, this requires code customizations.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for this. I have the ListingHive plugin installed on a brand new, clean WP site. Do you work for HivePress? I’m interested to get a quote for what it would cost to have you guys setup the front-end using one of the methods you described in your post reply above. You can respond back via the account email I use for this forum.

I’d be glad to help, but we temporarily don’t offer customization services, all the developers are busy with developing updates for HivePress & extensions at the moment. Please consider hiring someone via Fiverr, we can provide some guidance on the implementation and there are developer docs and references for HivePress

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