Integrate calendar options in one page


some users complain about how to properly configure prices and minimum amount of nights and calendar related stuff.

Currently partly is to be configured on the Add listing or Edit listing page, and partly on the calendar page itself.

It would be nice to integrate all options into the calendar page, like:

  • Specific prices
  • Block/unblock dates
  • Minimum amount of nights required
  • Booking window
    and adding some new options like:
  • Minimum amount of nights required based on selected seasons (groups of days): this option is useful because some renters require different minimum amounts of nights depending on the season

All those options would simplify the work for renters and would give them almost all the flexibility they need to set prices (until you add pricing tiers to Rentalhive)



These features are already available if the Bookings extension is installed and activated. Please check these docs:

I believe this will be useful to you.


yes I know those features are available. My request (users requests) is to organize them all under the same page.
Currently for example you have the “Booking offset” option set in the Add Listing form.

The request from some users is to move ALL calendar related options to the calendar page, so they don’t need to go back and forth.

So the “Booking offset” option would appear in the calendar page.

That for all the calendar options. Could that be done?



I see. Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature. But at the moment, this will require a custom implementation.

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