Integrate social login with social links

There should be a way to authenticate the social link because it should not be that someone just pastes the link of any body’s social link

and so once social link is authenticated then other information like name, followers so that it can also be shown and even be used in search filter

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this integration but the use-case you described seems to be specific to marketplaces of influencer services, where it’s important to verify that the indicated YouTube channel (for example) belongs to the vendor. By default, Social Login already verifies ownership since users have to confirm the login in the social media (e.g. Facebook) modal window.

If you have a marketplace of influencer services, there may be a workaround - when you approve a vendor (influencer) after the try to list the first service, you can ask them to add some info (e.g. the name of your marketplace or some number) at the end of their profile description, then they can remove it once you approve the profile.

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