Integrate Vendor/User KYC


The option to KYC users and/or vendors would be extremely helpful. Depending on what services are offered, it may even be legally required in order to perform the purchased task. Having the option to enable/disable KYC for vendors and/or users would be amazing. I imagine you would integrate this with a 3rd party KYC platform. Is this something you guys have given any thought to?

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Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding integration with some third-party KYC platform (e.g. for verifying docs automatically). In the current version there may be a workaround if you add a custom Attachment attribute for vendors and verify the docs manually.

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Please can you tell us how we can go about the manual workaround with code snippets if possible to attach a custom attachment attribute for vendors so we can verify the docs manually or suggest 3rd party KYC platform or plugin where we can use. It’s really important

You can add a custom vendor attribute in Vendors/Attributes, set the Attachment type for it and restrict the file types (e.g. to PDF). If you don’t set any display areas for it, then vendors will have to upload a document during the registration, and only admins will be able to view these attachments in WordPress/Vendors.

If you use Stripe Connect for payouts, they handle KYC on their side automatically, asking for documents and verifying every vendor.

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