Integration with other plugins


We are creating a custom template for Listings search, i can create the template without a problem but when I add a block for the categories from a third-party plugin it gets the wrong format. I need to show my Listing categories on top of my Listings and I would like to add a new block from other plugin, that is possible, or I can only show block from Hivepress.

I have another problem with the block Media & Text, when I add some text in there for example simulating a conversation of whatsapp with messages and a lot of space from one side and other, I get a result when editing and when I go to preview it gets the wrong format, the space is not there the image it grows, I tried to remove the theme Hivepress I everything it was alright but when I add the theme it start to deformat, do you have any workaround for media & text blocks?

If you need more info to understand tell me and I will send you pics.

Bernardo Barradas


​Please send more details about the issue, and we will do our best to help you.

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