IP Based Pricing

Hi there,
Is there a way to setup pricing so that people from Spain pay X and people from Argentina pay Y on their bookings?


This requires a custom implementation, or you can check to see if WooCommerce offers such features. But thank you for your feedback, we will consider this feature.

I found a few plugins for Woocommerce, such as this one:

However, I can only use this in the pricing settings of the products in Woocommerce, not in the Hivepress settings.
Once I apply a price setting on the product version of the same listing and try to book it, nothing in the price changes. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, a workaround might be to just use a base price, and then add Price Extras for the different countries, to adjust the price. I know it is not ideal, but can work.


Unfortunately, we have not tested this plugin, so we cannot provide more details. But most likely, it requires custom integration to work correctly.

Thanks! How is the extra pricing different from the discounts? I imagine that it wouldn’t work for the same reasons.
And how do I set that up?