Is it possible to change the theme to another one

Hey guys!

Last year I purchased the RentalHive theme. My business changed and I saw that the ExpertHive theme would be a better fit at that time. Because of this, I have some questions:

  • Would you change the theme for me or would I need to buy the ExpertHive theme?
  • Does the bookings plugin for scheduling work on the ExpertHive theme?
  • In RentalHive theme, booking plugin already in the same package. If you change the theme, will the plugins included in the RentalHive theme stay or not?



We only change themes for up to 30 days and those that are similar to each other (for example, TaskHive and ExpertHive). If you have purchased the RentalHive theme and only need the booking feature, you can purchase ExpertHive separately and use it with Bookings, which was purchased with RentalHive.
If you want to purchase a theme or extension, please email us, and we will provide you with a discount coupon


Booking plugin works perfectly in ExpertHive theme, right?

Does the paid lists plugin work too?



Yes, all of our extensions work correctly with our themes.

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