Is it possible to have paid listings AND paid expert directory on one site?

I want to have paid classified ads AND a paid directory of people.
I want to sell these through membership plans.

What is the best combination?

  • can I do it with ListingHive and add a particular extension?
  • is it better to create another site and host my directory there with the HiveExpert theme?

I’ve already been through two different developers and the directory is proving a challenge within ListingHive theme. Please help ~

There’s no option to charge vendors for listing their profiles at the moment, but if you require adding at least 1 listing then there may be a workaround - the vendor profile is not created until the listing is paid and approved so it’s possible to charge for both adding a listing and creating a vendor profile at the same time (via Paid Listings).

Thanks, Ihor. I want them to be separate products. Anyone who buys a listing with automatically gets a vendor profile (this may be companies or individuals). But only individuals who buy a listing can upgrade to an expanded profile – where there will be a lot more fields and the ability for messaging, etc.

The only way I see to do this right now is to create two sites – one with ListingHive theme and the other with the Directory theme. In order to view a Directory profile person’s listings, I’d have to manually put in a link to their Vendor page on ListingHive site.

Ideal scenario: ListingHive already has the basic Vendor Profile, could a plugin or option exist so there is an option to pay/upgrade for an expanded profile with more fields? (In my case, I would only allow individuals, not organisations/companies, to use an expanded profile because it is just for professional practitioners.)


Sorry, there’s no such feature in HivePress yet, Paid Listings limit the number of listings, expiration, etc. but they don’t limit extra fields, this would require a custom implementation.

Thanks. If at any point in the future you or you devs have space for such a custom project (which sounds like there are a few options to bring this alive), please let me know.

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