Is it possible to manually add reviews?

I would like to be able to manually add reviews to a seller’s listing on TaskHive so that they display on their listing. Is there a way I can do this?

Please try adding reviews via the front-end (via the Write a Review link), then you can approve reviews as an admin in WordPress/Comments. Since reviews are basically comments the back-end form for adding reviews (the comment form) doesn’t have an extra Rating field.

Wouldn’t this show the admin’s name? Is there a way to either change the name displayed when posting the review/hide it completely? Would the best way be to create an admin account with the display name I want to be shown?

Yes, the review would show the author’s name in any case. Please try creating a separate user account if you want to pre-add some reviews for listings. We also plan to add the “anonymous” checkbox to the review form in the next update, to allow hiding the user details.

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