Is it possible to set a separate page for a particular attribute?

I would like to add “private lessons” and “group lessons” attributes for my music lessons marketplace and want to have a separate listings page for each. Is this possible? Thank you so much.


You can create a selectable attribute and mark it as public, then each option from this attribute will have its own page.

Can I create two separate pages on my website, one for group lessons and one for private lessons? I want to have distinct ‘Services’ pages titled ‘Group Lessons’ and ‘Private Lessons’ in the header menu, and sort my listings into the appropriate page based on the selected attribute. Is this possible? Thank you for your help!


As a workaround, you can create these as categories if you don’t use them.

But we recommend that you try the option with the options in the select attribute described above; you can add these links to the menu, for example.

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