Is [price↑] and [price↓] linked to woocommerce?

Hello there,

my filter doesnt show the [price↑] and [price↓]. How to add this based on woocomerce prices?

Right now it only shows date, title and rating, no price options.

I have one category that is free, other 8 categories that have price.

Is it possible to make price sortable? how about to add number range filter on left filter colum?

If it is a custom attribute that is in the Listings/Attributes then please check this tutorial Adding Listing Attributes | HivePress Docs - YouTube

If this attribute was added with the HivePress Marketplace extension then yes, this attribute is in sync with the WooCommerce price of the listing hidden product (used for payments only).

Hello @yevhen , thank you

Should I make the number attribute non editable on the front end and without position on blocks? because what happens is that it duplicates

When vendor is creating the listing there is the PRICE field that was added automatically by woocommerce, and also the new attribute created for number.

How to keep only the price field that was created automatically by woocomerce and for it to be sortable?

If you use the Marketplace extension and WooCommerce, please delete the custom Price attribute in Listings/Attributes, the Marketplace adds this field by default, along with the search filter (number range) and the sorting options (if there are at least 2 listings with Price set).

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