Is there a knowledge base plugin that works well with the Listinghive theme and HivePress plugin?

To boost my content marketing strategy i want to launch my directory with a knowledge base, i haven’t found any options for this within the theme so i am researching plugins.

Betterdocs is one of those plugins, but it does not seem to be working. So i am wondering: does anyone know if there are knowledge base plugins (or other options) that work well with the Listinghive theme and Hivepress plugin?


Unfortunately, we haven’t tested such plugins with our themes, so we can’t give you more details. If you find a plugin that works with our theme correctly, we’d appreciate it if you could share your experience with the community.

I have tested multiple plugins, all seem to work well (most of the time using short code is required though) right now i have chosen to run my knowledge base on the Betterdocs plugin.

At first i thought this knowledge base plugin was not working, since i could not configure the knowledge base using their quick setup configuration. I have contacted them about this and am waiting for a reply.

If you use their shortcodes the plugin works very well though.

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Thanks for sharing!

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