Is there a register-vendor registration form?


I have allowed direct registration for vendors on my website, and I am using the /register-vendor link.

For the general website this solution works fine because I can use buttons and texts like “to register as a vendor click here”

But it is not very good for landing pages when using Ads to bring more vendors to the website.

I would like to use on the landing page already a form for vendor to register, and not another link to redirect the visitor again.

I cant use the normal block for user registration form on the landing page because it doesnt create a vendor directly, it only creates an user.

Is there a way to make so that a specific user registration form becomes a register-vendor type?

In other words: is it possible to insert the block “hivepress user registration form” and it generates a vendor type of registration?


If you require vendors to have at least 1 listing, please try using the /submit-listing URL for landing pages, because the listing process also registers a vendor profile for new users. The vendor profile is also approved if the first listing submitted by user is approved. If you allow empty vendor profiles without listings, please enable direct vendor registration, then you can use the /register-vendor URL instead.

Hi @ihor is it possibile to edit the page where the /register-vendor url leads the visitor?

So for example, on google ads I use the /register-vendor url

Am I able to edit the page where the visitor land or it must always be the same page just with the register form? I would like to add a video besides the register form to greet potential new vendors with a message convincing to create a profile.


Please try to make changes on this page using the Templates feature Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube
Please choose Add Vendor (Profile) as the template type in HivePress/Templates

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