Is there a way to search programmatically?

Is there a way to search programmatically?

Say that on a listing you want to include a link-attribute, so that when clicked it forwards your browser to a search result in the same listing (perhaps another category).

I tried this code on the display format on a certain attribute:
%icon% Link

The result on clicking on it is a message of “couldn’t find any match on your listing“ which leads me to think there should be a correct way of achieving this.

Please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, It turns out you can do this!

Ok I solved this.

In the href reference what the code is specting is the slug of a website.

So is you follow with the slug of your page and clicking will forward to that specific page in your listing.

I am glad that it worked.

Thank you for reading.

I am wondering now how can you write this to forward to “” for example. Any ideas?


Please use this code in display format:

<a href="%value%" target="_blank">click here</a>

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