Is there an alternative to translate website with Loco?

Hi, we found that translation with loco translate isn’t accurate enough so we would like to sort of manually translate the keywords. Is that possible?

We follow WP docs to make strings translatable, so you can use any solution for PO translation files (Loco or POEdit). Please let me know what issues occur with Loco.

Salut, je me permets chercher la même chose la traduction, et je suis sur l’extension loco translate + son extention en plus en automatique, peut-on utiliser les 2 en même temps sans risque

s’il vous plait

Hi, I allow myself to look for the same thing the translation, and I am on the extension loco translate + its extension in addition in automatic, can we use the 2 at the same time without risk

Sorry, I’m not familiar with this extension for Loco but you can use Loco itself to translate any theme or plugin installed in the WordPress dashboard.

Merci d’avoir répondu, mais j’ai utilisé justement loco translate et il y a dans WordPress également son extension en automatique pour traduire tous les mots, enfin bon merci comme même

Thanks for answering, but I just used loco translate and in WordPress there is also its automatic extension to translate all the words, well thank you as well

Thanks for sharing! Yes, it’s a Loco add-on so you can use it without any issues.

Parfait merci!

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