Is there any way to mark featured listing from add listing Form?

Hello, Im doing a nice website with hivepress.

I would like to have, on the listing form a checkbox of Featured Listing, i created the attribute, but there is no way to make it work.

Also, exist a way to have conditional forms ?



Hi! No, there is no simple solution for that. It currently working this way: Your users post a listing, and if you offer a free package, they need to select that, or a paid package. You (as admin) can set up the Featured status for the free package, and the paid package too. After your users finished to upload they listings, and select a package, the Featured status automatically added. If you not setting up Featured status for your free or paid package, but created a standalone “Make Featured” package, you can offer this for your users, to buy, and make a listing Featured. It can works only after a user select the uploaded listing in the listing edit page, and click on the make featured button, and the featured package only can be applied to a selected listing, so if you have a standalone Featured package, don’t show in the shop, because it can’t be applied to a listing in that way: buy from your shop, and then activate on a selected listing. The HivePress is currently not support this, so if your users can buy a Featuring package from your shop directly, they can’t use, and you have to pay their money back.

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