Issue transferring site from local host to live hosting

Hi, so I’ve been working on my site for the last few weeks. Because I was still in the building phase, I didn’t want to pay for hosting yet (so I was just on a free local host).

But yesterday I signed up for hosting (hostinger) and tried to transfer everything to live hosting (I used all-in-one plugin for this).

It seemed like the transfer went fine (when I look at the WP dashboard all my work is there) but when I try to load my site it doesn’t show my site.

It just shows this on the front page:
“Mindblown: a blog about philosophy.
Hello world!
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!”

I don’t understand. What happened when I transferred from local host to live hosting that changed something? My WP dashboard looks exactly the same as before, but now the site won’t show…

Ok, never mind. I cleared up the issue. I’ll keep this up here in case anyone else has a similar issue.

I just had to clear the cache on wordpress and then it showed as it should. I used Litespeed cache plugin to do this.

I went to the plugin, then toolbox, then purge all. That fixed my issue.

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