Issue with listings image required

like this thread, I was having a trouble with vendors being able to submit a listing without a profile image even though it’s required and I added the code snippet from your github repo.
So, I followed your answers and got it working for the profile image, but couldn’t figure out what to do about the listing (same issue)

Please send the steps to reproduce this issue, the linked bug was specific to vendors because the user and vendor profile forms are merged. If you add a custom listing attribute of Attachment type and mark it as Required, the error messages should be displayed when you submit the listing form.

Hello first of all, and thanks for responding!
The problem actually is the featured image for the listings… the default attribute not a custom one I made.

Like for example:

This listing has no image despite the fact that I added the code snippet you provided here.

Please send more details about the issue, do you want to require a custom Attachment attribute? If so please try marking it as Required, this should work without a code snippet.

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