Issues with CSS customizations


is there really anybody out there, who runs a professionell job board with wordpress and the jobhive theme? i’m very curious about some links and can’t imagine so far, since this theme is so bad css-coded thus instable, nearly NULL customizable and null compatible with the new gutenberg block ideas since the functional jobhive blocks are stiff and cohered.

as i said, i’m very curious.

thank you.

You can customize nearly everything yourself with css, so not sure where you are coming from. The base theme style is pretty basic, but probably as intended.

However, a small update to the responsiveness, implementing more modern flexbox and grid style is my only complaint. The mobile responsibility should be prioritized.

yes, sure, with css is everything possible. that’s what i mean. for me, the jobhive theme is already overcoded what means, that i would have to override nearly every css rule to let it look like i want to with tons of !important.

yes, you’re second block is also true.

i just changed the theme out of curiousity to astra standard and it immediately looks much better formatted out of the box. had a test with twenty-twenty-three before and this was not even close as good.

hmm, well, actually i didn’t want to use astra but seems like i have to…


Please let me know if there are any specific issues with CSS customizations, we didn’t use third-party CSS framework and added as few styles as possible to keep it lightweight and avoid the “!important” issues. We also follow BEM notation for CSS classes, so there should be no CSS conflicts and any block, element and modifier has a unique CSS class so you can target it without any “!important” keywords.

I can totally understand if you don’t like its minimalist design, it’s a matter of preference - if you prefer another theme that’s ok (you can still use HivePress to power the website functionality) but I highly recommend using one of the official themes, this way you have support from a single team of developers, otherwise the theme and plugin developers would probably blame incompatibility issues on each other.

We started collecting links for the Showcase only 3 weeks ago, here’s an example of a website built with JobHive

Ihor. One issue when styling elements, its that the default spacing and style often is very specific, using :not etc. Making them hard to override. Adding :where to base styles could be an improvement to remove the specificity

yes, i can avoid the !important, thats true.

but as i said, for me it’s already too much styling, it’s overcoded, not lightweight.
there are gradients on buttons, ::before and ::afters on buttons, headings and containers, tons of :nots, stiff container and block widths and stiff header and footer templates, which are not really gutenberg-compatible.

thanks for your link. yes, looks very very standard. matter of taste, sure.
but, … google maps queries without cookie consent banner? just brave or legal in the UK?

Yes, we realized this later, but we use this selector to prevent extra space at the bottom of every container, we’ll try to find another solution.

Please let me know if there are any specific issues, we tried to keep styling as lightweight as possible, for example 99% of themes use bloated CSS frameworks like Boostrap, while we don’t use any - there’s just a CSS grid and styling of elements, without any extra CSS. We’ll try to make selectors more flexible, we used “:not” mostly for removing extra space for last elements in the containers.

We don’t store/use any customer data directly, we provide the self-hosted software - if it operates in UK and/or EU please try using the “GDPR consent banner” plugin (there are a few options). We’ll consider adding it to the demo sites (they have Mapbox enabled instead of Google), thanks for your feedback.

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