Issues with PHP version

I discovered this issue whilst trying to delete an image from a listing. I can see from the server network requests that it’s returning a 500 Error. In the header it says X-powered by php 7.0.27. I’ve checked phpinfo, and PHP_VERSION and they all return 8.0.0.

The problem is reiterated when I check the WP_DEBUG, where it says "PHP Fatal error: Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version “>= 7.2.5”. You are running 7.0.27 In … "

I’ve checked my composer in the CLI and it says I’m running 8.0.0, and I’ve checked the symfony php:list command and it says its the same 8.0.0. Why does the Hivepress use the wrong one?

I’m running on a windows server, with IIS configured to host the wordpress site. I’ve checked the site health and it says that the REST API is working so I don’t believe that is the problem, but do help if you know how to solve this issue.

Steps to reproduce

For me its just to try to delete any image of a listing, it won’t delete, and I can see in the network requests that I’m getting a 500 Server Error.

Actual result

Not getting the image deleted from the listings.

Expected result

I want to press the (X) button on a listings image, and have them deleted. When I press (X) and update they are still there.

Extra details

Only able to replicate from the WP dashboard, and I’d rather have my website link private.

Hope I can get some help here. Would greatly appreciate it.


This issue is related to the server setup, if it’s not a local server please contact your hosting provider. It may occur if PHP was updated incorrectly (so some settings may still indicate the old version). HivePress plugin just installs dependencies via Composer, and then Composer checks the server PHP version before running dependencies. HivePress plugin itself doesn’t define or enforce any PHP version.

Hi Ihor,

It’s a local server, I’m running it of IIS. When I check the wordpress it says its php 8, how come composer picks out the wrong php version if its installed correctly on the server?

Sorry, I can’t say for sure because this is beyond the HivePress scope, it doesn’t have any PHP version checks in the code. You can try this local web server instead

Why is there not a composer.json file in the root of the hivepress vendor directory? It seems like its sourcing from the individual folders, and they have different requirments.

It’s available in the dev version, but all these config files are removed once the release is built (since packages are already installed) hivepress/composer.json at master · hivepress/hivepress · GitHub We just declare dependencies, and each dependency may have it’s own PHP requirements. HivePress itself doesn’t enforce any PHP version, although it declares the minimum version in readme.txt (and then WordPress suggests if the plugin can be installed in WordPress/Plugins).

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