Issues with Restrict Content Pro payments

Hello Community,

I’m in the final stages of completing my website, but I’m facing a challenge with registration and payment processing. After users provide their information and payment details, the page remains stuck without progressing.

The plugin used for payments is “restrict content pro.” Should I be considering alternatives?Additionally, is a paid subscription necessary for optimal functionality?

I would appreciate any insights or recommendations from those experienced with payment integrations.
Thanks in advance!


Please provide more details on why you need to add the restricted content plugin, and we will try to help. Perhaps you sell access to view content on your website?
Also, please note that we unfortunately cannot help with fixing errors in third-party plugins and payments, so I recommend checking out our extensions, you may find a solution there to make everything work correctly on your site Extensions | HivePress

Yes I sell access to view content on my website. My developer decided to use that plugin. Can I do the same with a hive press plugin? User can only see content after paying during registration and having a monthly membership?


The best option would be to use our Memberships - Charge users for viewing listings | HivePress Extensions extension if you mean listings, vendors, or pages in WP > Pages. Also, please note that we do not currently have recurring payments, so the user will need to re-purchase the plan as soon as it expires, but we plan to add this feature in future updates.

Hey @andrii
Apologies for asking this as I’ve seen replies in other threads, but I’m close to launching a project and I wanted to know if you had a rough idea on when the subscriptions/recurring payments might go live in the memberships. It hasn’t been an issue with our project but recently the stakeholder has mentioned they now want recurring subscriptions, so I’m looking at options but would love to stay with HivePress. Is it imminent? If not, do you know of any subscription based plugins that can hook to the memberships?


Unfortunately, there is no easy way to add this feature. If you want to integrate a third-party plugin, we recommend WooCommerce Subscription.

Thanks @andrii … do you know if WooCommerce Subscription works with the Memberships plugin? So that a product can be selected with a monthly payment?


Unfortunately, no, this plugin does not work with our extension, so you need a custom integration here.

No problems @andrii … appreciate the response. Do you have a link to the public roadmap? Would love to keep an eye on it.


Unfortunately, there is no public roadmap available yet, but we plan to add it as soon as possible.

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