Issues with WC Vendors Marketplace setup


I am having some issues with commissions from Hivepress plugin with a Linstinghive, Woocommerce, WC Vendors Marketplace setup.
Since of short the commission calculation does not make any sense - if I charge 0% commission, my paying customer gets a 100% discount. Now I have a setting of 30% commission, and my paying customer gets a 70% discount?
If I play with the commission fee, then the calculation is not even straight forward - a 30% commission fee shows a 400% fee on the receipt? It notes this extra fee under “direct payment”.

It worked fine before. Can someone aid please?

Thank you.

Site is

Please let me know if you mean our Marketplace extension or WC Vendors plugin? HivePress is not integrated with WC Vendors and it’ll most likely not compatible since it duplicates some of the HivePress features, especially if you also use HivePress Marketplace - it would conflict with WC Vendors since it’s like using 2 different multi-vendor plugins at once.

Hi Ihor,

I am using currently the WC Vendors plugin.

Hi Ihor,

You are correct, WC Vendors collided with Hivepress. So I deactivated the Hivepress Marketplace plugin, and everything is back to normal.

Thank you.

Hi Ihor,

I have to come back to this topic. I tried it the other way around, disable almost all Woocmmerce plugins except for the core Woocommerce. And still the issue remains. As seen in screenshot the ‘direct payment’ is somehow linked to the commissions from Hivepress plugin and is still causing issue.

Sorry for the late reply. We have a similar bug in the bug tracker, calculations are also incorrect with partial refunds, we’ll check this and release a fix if it’s related. If possible, please describe the steps to reproduce this issue, which commission rate should we test etc.

Hi Ihor,

No problem.

The calculation is incorrect at all ranges:
0% commission gives -100% direct payment
100% commission gives 0% direct payment, but still states a cost of 0,00.
Commission fee:
100% gives 100 euro more costs
50% gives 50 euro more costs
All billed under ‘direct payment’.

Thank you for the details. We will check it as soon as possible

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Thank you for waiting. Unfortunately, we can not reproduce this issue. Please note that Commission Rate is the percentage of the subtotal of the order, and the Commission Fee is some fixed price that adds to the order. So, for example, if you set Commission Rate as 100% and the Commission Fee as 100 euros, then 100 euros will be added to the order as it means that the website admin takes the full amount of the order (as you have set Commission Rate to 100%) and additional 100 euro from the order