Labels is added to all attributes

Dear Hivepress Support,
We have now finalized the display of the User. Somehow we see on the User level the Synonym “Dauer” and do not know why.
Can you support why this is displayed?

Is this due to the Text field via Attributes?

Hey I’m not sure, but I think that can be a label. You can go to listings/attributes or actually it may be in the vendor/attributes and on the Display section in the bottom, remove the %label%, and it will not display it.

Hm, interesting. I have no label there.

Did you make any changes on loco translate to those words and added dauer? Or did you use any code snippets that maybe has that in code?

Not sure what else it can be…Maybe hivepress support will know

Please make sure that there are no code snippets that may cause this issue, it seems that there’s a snippet that filters all the attribute display formats and adds this label. Maybe it’s the one that we provided for the Duration field visibility?

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