Latest update shifted user menu position, here is a quick fix

I noticed in a recent update that the User menu had been updated to a dropdown (which I love BTW) but my client wanted the User menu on the right side of the page like it was before. By adding this to either your Appearance > Customizer > Custom CSS section, or if using a child theme, go ahead and add this to the style.css and make sure it is enqueued within the functions.php.

***** I did adjust the height of my header logo so my header height is slightly different. You can adjust this by increasing or decreasing transform property Y axis which in this current example is 65px. Simply adjust this number until you get it in the right position**

@media screen and (min-width: 992px) {
	.header-navbar__menu>ul>li:last-child {
               position: absolute;
	       z-index: 99;
               right: 0;
               top: 0;
               transform: translate(-85%, 65px);

Thanks for sharing! We’ll try to resolve this in the next update, the drop-down script works in the menu area only but we’ll try to move the link to the previous area (next to the Add Listing button).

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