Latitude/longitude on Listing form

I used the PHP snippet to add lat/long to my listing form. How can I move this so that it appears under the location field?

It will not accept my lat/long as I entered it; instead, the form prompts me to choose something close by which nullifies the reason for offering it (to show an exact location). Using my property address alone shows the pinpoint incorrectly (since it’s in a large resort; I want to show exactly where it is within the resort).



To move this attribute, you will need a custom implementation. If customizations are required for your site, please try customizing it using the collection of code snippets Search · user:hivepress · GitHub and other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work

If I understand correctly, you need to modify the css style to swap elements, for example, using the order: 1,2… property.

About the map, more information is needed as it is difficult to guess the cause without even seeing it visually

Yes, that’s correct. I’d like to rearrange the elements. Possible without customizing?

I’m using Mapbox (which I was unfamiliar with) as the geolocation. I wonder if going back to Google maps would help the lat/long issue. But this is what I get when I try and enter the true coordinates for my own property:

These are the coordinates from Google and are used in other software without issues. Choosing anything but the coordinates I entered does not place the map pin in the correct spot.

I tried with Google maps and get the same “enter a valid value” error from HivePress.

Try using 6 characters after the period, should help

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. It’s trying to steer me to select a pre-set value that is “closest.” And while it IS close, it’s not exact. In our resort, that matters because we aren’t showing where we’re truly located in proximity to the beach (the reason folks use our properties and the properties that will be on my site).

Any update on this? Can the character limit on the lat/long be 8 digits after the period? Maybe that would allow for an exact pinpoint?


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature; it would require a custom implementation.

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