Let users create specific time slots


I noticed that many people offering services might offer them different days at different times.

It could be very useful to them to be able to configure time slots individually. I will explain with an example:

  • An English teacher offers 1 hour online lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But on Monday he is only available from 9 to 12, on Wednesday from 9 to 16, and on Friday only from 18 to 20.

How it works now:

  • The user has to select a time slot duration that will be fixed always
  • The user can select days unavailable
  • The user has to select a time range for the time slots that is fixed for all available days (for example, from 9 to 12, blocks of 1 hour)

How it could work better in the future:

  • The user fully configures individual time slots. This means, he can make three one hour time slots for Monday (9 to 12), seven one hour time slots for Wednesday (9 to 16), and two time slots for Friday (18 to 20). Or even choose to make one longer time slot on any day.

This could be a very useful option for those offering lessons, classes, etc, that are not always at the same time.

Thank you!

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we plan to make time slots more flexible.